Things That Make You Love And Hate Women Who Fly

No I’m not talking about superheros or pilots! I’m referring to the cleaning supercult, it’s leader Marla Cilley, and the women who fly with her.


The call themselves the Flybabies. The obsess over how shiny their sinks are. And they believe in the gospel of the almighty FlyLady. They hang out in Facebook groups doing 27 Fling Boogies, putting out hotspots, and setting their timers whilst they work. Sounds crazy right? But there are pros and cons to these women who fly.


Reasons to love the women who fly

  • They’ll always have you over for coffee – they’re dying to show off their shiny sinks
  • Their bathrooms are super clean as they wipe them down every day
  • You can make them take the bins out as they’ll have their shoes on ready
  • They’ll pick out your outfit for you before you go to bed
  • The laundry is always done on a daily basis so no more looking for clean pants if you live with one
  • They have lots of lovely food in the cupboards because the never forget to do the shopping
  • They always have a timer on their person so can time the marshmallow eating contests at work
  • They look amazing, because they plan their outfits in advance and not five minutes before they leave for work


Reasons to hate the women who fly

  • They’re always chucking out your stuff under the guise of it being clutter
  • They’re obsessed with the shiny sink
  • They use acronyms for everything – what’s a WAHM anyway?
  • You can’t put anything on a surface as they’ll clear it away in a jiffy
  • You never get to have a takeaway anymore because dinner is planned already
  • Did I mention the sink obsession?


It’s important to remember that the women who fly were once normal people like you and I. Once upon a time That Wise Lady, for example, was a normal woman who didn’t care about how shiny her sink was, and let her husband keep his boob shaped beer glass. But then the cult of the FlyLady reeled her in.


Like many women who fly this “wise lady” is now obsessed with timers, routines, and shiny shiny sinks. Is this the apocalypse? Or have we entered some alternate universe?


That being said, I have no real problem with the women who fly. They are simply trying to do the best for their homes and families. Which is truly what makes them awesome. No matter how much the sink shining, the decluttering, and the timers drive you crazy, what you have here are a bunch of caring women who absolutely love their families and homes. Otherwise why would they even bother?


Would I ever join the women who fly?

Maybe..I don’t know. I’m not sure I could handle the military style demands to get dressed and make my bed. I quite like my stuff and I don’t think I’m quite ready to chuck it all away. I do like the sound of a blissfully tidy home, though. And only spending 15 minutes a day doing the cleaning sounds pretty awesome.


I guess I could read the book. Look at the website and see what this obsession (cult) is all about. Surely it couldn’t do any harm?


The best resources for women who fly

  • A Facebook account – FlyLady loves Facebook
  • An email account – you’re going to get a tonne of emails
  • A load of bin bags
  • A shiny sink (or window cleaner to make the sink shine)
  • Adderall – to get everything done in the timeframes suggested
  • Wine (because: wine)
  • A babysitter – to stop the kids from touching the clean surfaces
  • An intervention – when the family finally get sick of the shiny sink stories
  • A timer
  • Hand sanitiser
  • A cruise – apparently there is a cruise around Christmas…?
  • Bleach
  • A folder full of plans (possibly to enslave humanity??)
  • Cloths and wipes
  • Contraception – to prevent messy children ruining the hard work
  • Wine (see my previous point)


If you think you might be one of the women who fly, please don’t be upset. This is just a fun article for you and your family. Thank you for all you do to keep our homes looking amazing. And enjoy your cruise!