Beauty Post – Makeup Review – Lime Crime’s Velvetines in Red Velvet

Velvetine Promo

Anything from Lime Crime seems to raise eyebrows, so let me preface this post by stating I’ve read the controversy surrounding this brand and decided to not purchase directly through Lime Crime. Therefore, any products I own were purchased from eBay sellers.

During the 2012 holiday season, Lime Crime launched a new line called Velvetines, which are liquid lipsticks featuring a matte finish when dry. For now, only two colors exist, Suedeberry (coral red) and Red Velvet (cool-toned red). Since I’m not fond of coral or yellow-based reds, I decided to track down Red Velvet. I was surprised at how quickly it showed up on eBay and I was able to snag it not too long after its initial release date. So this review is based on Red Velvet and may not correctly reflect how Suedeberry wears or behaves.

Lime Crime claims their Velvetine lipsticks are “long-lasting, waterproof…that [go] on with the ease of gloss and [dry] completely matte.” Normally I’ve been less than impressed with Lime Crime’s products, but Red Velvet actually exceeded my expectations. Color-wise, it’s nothing special and I’ve seen this shade executed before. But the matte finish is different and I don’t have any similar products in my collection.

Red Velvet has a thick consistency and it took me some practice to work with the formula. Though I found it easy to control and guide onto my lips thanks to the doe’s foot applicator (as opposed to a brush). True to claim, Red Velvet dries matte, so if you want shine, you will have to apply a gloss on top. I decided to forgo a gloss just to see how it worked on its own. Matte lip colors might not be everyone’s cup of proverbial tea, so I sense this might be a love it or leave it type of product.

Here are some photos of the tube itself and the applicator:



I will note that I think the color in real life leans towards the warm side of the red spectrum than even though Red Velvet is definitely a cooler-toned red than Suedeberry. However, the swatch on Lime Crime’s website touts that Red Velvet has the appearance of “petals of a red rose.” I didn’t get that from this color or its texture, so I felt their description and swatch are a bit off. Here is the swatch for Red Velvet from Lime Crime’s site:


And here are mine:


Sorry for the messy edges; this was done in haste.

And, yes, I know I have a cockeyed smile. :)

As you can see, Red Velvet is more of a warm-toned red than a cool-toned red. But this isn’t the first time I’ve found LC’s site swatches to be off the mark. (See the Archives for my review of some of their Carousel Gloss line.)

My only real complaint about Red Velvet was that if I applied it too thick, it would crack on my lips. However that can be avoided by not being heavy-handed with its application. Also this lip color is meant to last. While I can’t attest to how well it holds up after meals, I will say that I had to use my Neutrogena eye makeup remover to get every trace of color off my mouth. (Normally I wash my makeup off with some gentle Aveeno soap and warm water.) Again, that’s not really a serious complaint but something to note in case you like your makeup removal process to be no fuss. Now on to the Beauty Marks!

Packaging – 3/5 Beauty Marks: Unlike some Lime Crime products, the Velvetines’ design is fairly grown up. The tube itself is of frosted plastic and the red cap sports no gaudy unicorns. It’s not incredibly eye-catching but it is mature by Lime Crime standards. I do give them props for employing a doe’s foot applicator, which I find easier to work with than a brush. Overall, the packaging itself is nothing spectacular but it’s certainly nothing horrendous.

Product – 3/5 Beauty Marks: Red Velvet applies smooth though it does have a thick consistency, meaning you will need to swipe much of the product off on the tube’s rim in order to work with it properly. Likewise, it does dry quickly but applying multiple coats can cause the color to crack due to its thickness. Based on those two reasons, I couldn’t give this portion four points like I wanted to. Overall, the application is good and the longevity is very good though some ladies might dislike using makeup remover to eliminate every trace of color from their lips.

Price – 3/5 Beauty Marks: Velvetine lipsticks are priced around $17. Again, I bought Red Velvet from an eBay seller so the price I paid might not be entirely correct. The product itself is a novelty item and isn’t a go-to shade thanks to its matte effect. That combined with the amount of product you get, and the price point is not entirely justified.

Overall Score & Final Thoughts: Lime Crime’s Red Velvet Velvetine liquid lipstick scored a 9 out of 15 Beauty Marks. It is a unique take on your typical glossy, shinny, or glitter-infused liquid lipstick, and for that I give it credit. I can’t think of too many matte-drying liquid lipsticks, so I will give Lime Crime a few extra points for originality. But be warned that Red Velvet requires a light hand and deft application lest you end up with lips the thickness of clown makeup. Overall, if you’re looking for a unique finish to a liquid lipstick, not necessarily a unique color, Red Velvet is a good choice though some of its nuances might not be to everyone’s liking.

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  1. Lovely colour, but the swatch on the site is misleading. I would expect it to be much darker and more vampy.

    • That’s what I thought so, too, which is what prompted me to buy Red Velvet. I love vampy shades! But in real life Red Velvet seems more true to LC’s swatch of Suedeberry.

  2. Thanks for this review. I am super glad I didnt buy it because the color is so different from the swatch on the website.

    • My pleasure! Sorry to say I ended up throwing this lippy out after experiencing too many messy applications due to its consistency. I wished LC had a more true-to-life swatch. I probably would have passed on it, too.

  3. It luks more like a swatch of suedeberry.. i am just not sure what i saw here.. is it red velvet or suedeberry by any chance??

    • The swatch for both the product I used and the swatch taken from Lime Crime’s website is Red Velvet. Their swatch for Red Velvet definitely is not true to color, at least not on me.

  4. I used Red Velvet for the first time all day yesterday. I ate two meals and then went out for a snack. After eating and drinking during lunch the only place I needed to reapply the gloss was on the inside part of my mouth, where it’s hardly noticeable, but I’m a perfectionist. I reapplied the gloss three times the whole day so in maybe a 12 hour period. Then I went to sleep and when I woke up today at 2 (I woke up at 9 but I didn’t feel well so I went back to sleep) I still had the red on. It was still visibly red from the gloss and if I touched it up with one swipe then it would have been perfect again. Instead I wiped it off with a baby wipe. I never experienced the cracking from putting too much on. I’m not sure what color your lips are naturally but it turned out a lot darker on my lips than yours. Not as dark as Lime Crime’s example, but definitely darker than yours. I’m of German decent and have fair skin, light eyes, and light hair if that helps with how the color may have contrasted. I honestly loved this color so much I also ordered Suedeberry and a few of their other lipsticks and glosses. I think their products are great, but not every shade of their products looks good on everyone. I have d’lilac and airborne unicorn also and I love au but d’lilac looks like a highlighter swatched across my face.

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